Mom And Daughter Financially Dominate A Loser - Kimber Woods

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Mom And Daughter Financially Dominate A Loser - Kimber Woods

Raven and her step-daughter, Kimber are upset. Every time they go shopping with one of Raven's husband's credit cards, they find out that it has been maxed out. It's really embarrassing for them to keep having his credit cards declined. Marcello feels terrible. The girls are blowing through his sizable inheritance very quickly, but he does not want them to leave him once it is gone. He wants to do his best to provide his wife and her step-daughter with whatever they want. The girls are upset. They raise their voices at Marcello and demand more and more. In fact, one of the credit cards Marcello gave to his step-daughter, Kimber only had a $1,000 limit.

Keywords: Foot fetish, Foot worship, Shoe fetish, Shoe licking, Shoe worship, Furniture, Foot gagging, Foot domination, Foot slave, Dirty talk, Findom, Financial humiliation
Starring: Kimber Woods, Raven Hart
Maker: BratPrincess

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File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:13:15
Video Quality: 1280x720
File Size: 258 MB

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