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Naomi Swann - Bratty Girl Scout Makes Loser Cum In Pants - FetishMania

Naomi Swann is a bratty little girl scout and wants money. Naomi shows up an unsuspecting losers house and barges in. Naomi has some cookies to sell and she wants a hundred bucks for a box. The loser is to cheap and refuses. Naomi pushes the loser down and takes off her chucks. Naomi makes him smell her platino clad pantyhose feet as she shoves them in his face. The loser cant resist Naomi's sexy smelly feet and cant help but to begin to worship them The loser licks up and down Naomi's perfect sweaty soles. This is only part of Naomi's grand scheme Naomi glides her leg down to his cock and begins to rub his cock. Naomi keeps one foot on his face and vigorously rubs his cock with the other. The loser begins to get to the point of cumming that is when Naomi demands her money. The loser has no choice he hands over the cash and shoots a load in his pants. Naomi laughs at what a loser he is and hands him the box of cookies.

Keywords: Foot fetish, Foot worship, Footjob, Nylon, Pantyhose, Leg licking, Sniffing, Smelling
Starring: Naomi Swann

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:08:36
Video Quality: 1920x1080
File Size: 640 MB

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