Cleo - Return of principal compromise

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Cleo - Return of principal compromise

Want clip Return of principal compromise featuring Cleo

Principal Cleo is back and this time at a new school. Principal Cleo has been hired at this new school because her ability to get students to learn. Principal Cleo has a student come in today into her office. Cleo has the student sit down and goes over his records on her computer. Principal Cleo sees that he is never paying attention in class and for some reason always staring at the floor. Cleo being the outstanding principal she is knows just what the problem is. Cleo puts her feet up on the desk and slowly dangles her shoe off her sheer pantyhose clad foot. Principal Cleo peeks at the crotch of her student and can see his cock is rock hard. Cleo knows just what to do Cleo orders the student to take off his pants and lay down. The students cock is raging hard and Cleo wraps her nylon soles around it. Cleo begins to give the student a footjob. Cleo lets the student know she will do this once a month but he must get A's from here on out. The student agrees and shoots his load all over Cleo's sheer nylon soles. Cleo shows off her cummy soles and reiterates to the student about there secret little compromise.

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