I pull on My boots and show the dirt on those by Melissa

11 Aug 2023
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You are worth less than the dirt on the soles of My boots. How much money does a loser like you make anyway? Less than the dirt on the soles of My boots makes, that’s how much. You might as well submit yourself under My filthy boots in hopes of being noticed. Take care of My wants and needs and worship the perfect Goddess. Can you make Me more MONEY than DIRT? Nope. I slip off My knee high boots. I pull on My rainboots and show the dirt on those. Another pair of boots to humiliate you with. This boot pair is better and more successful than you will ever be. Beg for a chance to exist in My world! It would give your pathetic life some meaning as you try to do better than dirt. Submit and commit! I pull on filthy old hiking boots. I give you a daily task of worship and a weekly tribute amount to gently test your commitment. Do not mess this one up!