I am going to use my feet to milk you by Alexandra Snow

12 Aug 2023
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I’ve been thinking a lot about your situation. This whole thing you have going on. Your personality, your looks, your skills. I find each aspect distasteful. I don’t think you should ever be able to breed. You don’t deserve to pass on your inferior genetics. I’m going to ensure that. How? I’m going to use my feet to milk you every day. I’m going to watch you jerk and stand on your balls to empty them out entirely each and every day. I want you to be so exhausted that you’re never even interested in real sex. From here on out, you’ll be banned from having real sex ever again. We can’t possibly take the chance that you’re going to procreate. So, get on your knees, foot slut. I’m going drain those balls with my feet until there’s nothing left.