Ariel Anderssen from I dangle my shoes off my stockinged feet

21 Sep 2023
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I enter the room fully dressed in a short skirt that displays my sheer stocking tops and long legs. I know my nylons drive you crazy, so I dangle my shoes off my stockinged feet, giving you glimpses of the nylon floating over my arches and between my long toes. You want to fuck me, don't you? You want to rub your cock over my nylon stockings until you cum! I'm planning to tease you a while longer, but you take control of the situation, telling me to strip down to my stockings and suspender belt, before encasing my arms in sheer grey stockings, and pulling a sheer grey nylon mask on over my head too. This is so hot for both of us, soon I'm displaying myself for you flagrantly, encouraging you to wank over my stockings, cum on my nylon-clad face, and touch me all over!