Lexi from Lesbi licking and toe sucking through the nylon

21 Sep 2023
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Lexi and Jenny are in the office, sitting in their pantyhose and high heels at the desk, getting ready to wrap up a long day. Lexi casually mentions to Jenny how she has a date but also she still has a work project she needs done. Jenny can already see where this is going as Lexi asks her to cover the project for her. Jenny doesn't mind but she wants something in return this time, she wants Lexi to worship her pantyhose feet. Lexi doesn't think Jenny is serious but Jenny is and Lexi gets on the floor because she really wants to go on this date. Lexi removes Jenny's first shoes and Licks long up Jenny's soles, kissing them, and then to her toes. Lexi takes off Jenny's other shoe and holds both Jenny's hose clad feet in her face licking and toe sucking through the nylon as Jenny enjoys it. Lexi asks Jenny how long she has to lick and Jenny tells her until she's satisfied and her pantyhose feet are all wet. Hopefully, Jenny will let Lexi go before her date starts but it all depends on how good the pantyhose foot worship is.