Damp Thigh Highs: Foot Fetish Fulfillment in a Chilly Winter Twist

01 Jan 2024
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Indulge in a special treat today as your foot fetish is about to be fulfilled in a unique way. While gym socks are typically your go-to, I have something even more enticing for you - thigh high socks, perfect for a chilly winter day. However, they may be a tad too warm as my feet are slightly damp. But don't fret, my dear slave, I demand that you beg me to allow you to worship these damp thigh high socks. Your pleas will only make me more delighted, so drop your pants and fall to your knees before me. Beg me with all your might, saying "please Goddess Gwen, please please may I worship your thigh high socks!" Let your pathetic slave cock stroke my thigh high socks as you beg for my mercy.