Her Feet Hold Chastity Victim in Torture

12 Jan 2024
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Goddess Amelia, the mistress of seduction, knows all too well the extent of her admirer's infatuation with her flawless feet encased in alluring heels. She relishes in the power she holds over him, as his chastity device leaves him yearning for release. But why should she grant him such a gift? The game they will play is one of frustration and torment. As he languishes in his tiny cage, his cock throbs and aches, begging for attention. Amelia will revel in his discomfort as she tortures him with a game of Red Light/Green Light. On red light, he must keep his hands off his caged member, simply watching and worshipping from afar. On green light, he is free to touch, stroke, and tease to his heart's content. The game will be a test of his willpower and endurance, leaving him at her mercy until she decides to unleash him from his chastity device.