Pathetic Virgin Freak Worships Feet

26 Jan 2024
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In a world where sexual experiences are commonplace, being an uninitiated virgin is an unenviable position. But for those who find solace in the simple pleasures of worshipping feet, being a sexless virgin is a badge of honor. Such is the case for the pathetic virgin foot freak, who spends his days praying for the opportunity to clean the dirty shoes and smelly feet of a Goddess like Princess Ivory. While others indulge in carnal pleasures, this foot freak knows that being a useful servant to a woman is his only chance at being of value. Being a foot bitch is an honor, as it allows him to impress the Goddess in a way that no man can. So, he commits to his sexless life, content in the knowledge that his DNA will not taint the gene pool. For this foot freak, being a slave to a Goddess's feet is the only way he can hope to make a difference in the world.