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Valerie Divine - The Boiler Room - Bleu Productions

It is a beautiful spring day as Mistress Tara pulls her ship out of the harbor to set course for Her Personal Island. Then suddenly, she is rudely interrupted by the disturbing news that there is a stowaway on board. To add insult to injury, it is her beautiful nemesis, Valerie Divine! Valerie is bound and suspended. And that is just the beginning! Bondage, latex, leather fetishists will also have their perversions quenched by this warped film noire.

Release Year: 1999
Genre: Fetish Movie, Bondage, Boots, Corporal punishment, Corset, Enema, Hanging, Leather, Lezdom, Lesbian domination, Pain, Torture, Strap-on, Vaginal speculum
Starring: Mistress Tara, Valerie Divine

Country: USA
Director: ?
Maker: Bleu Productions

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:51:11
Video Quality: 656x480
File Size: 895 MB

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