Porche Lynn - Take That Bitch - Noose Video

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Porche Lynn - Take That Bitch - Noose Video

Please keep in mind that these people are not actors. What you are about to witness was caught on tape as it really happened. Samantha has come to Mistress Lucy's dungeon to apply for a job as a dominatrix, whereupon the headmistress informs her, "in order to be a good top, one must know what it feels like to be a bottom." VERY unhappily, Samantha agrees to submit to Lucy and the fiendish Sonya. Tit tease, pussy tease, hot wax, and spanking are all a part of her "lesson". Next we discover the headmistress's big secret-she desires to submit to the dungeon's "guest dom" Porche. Lucy submits, and receives quite a corporal workout. Finally, Sonya submits to the mistress, and her breasts and ass receive a healthy does of Porsche's wickedness.

Release Year: 2001
Genre: Fetish Movie, Bondage, Boots, Corporal punishment, Gagged, Latex, Lezdom, Lesbian domination, Redhead, Spanking, Wax play, Whipping
Starring: Lucy Lucy, Porche Lynn, Samantha Styles, Sonya Smith

Country: USA
Director: Rick Savage
Maker: Noose Video

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:56:40
Video Quality: 480x360
File Size: 270 MB

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