Kordelia Devonshire - The Housewives Revenge #1 - Wasteland

Kordelia Devonshire - The Housewives Revenge #1 - Wasteland

If they invite you over for coffee and cookies, be very afraid. This is especially true if you're a nasty slut and slept with their husbands. They may be nice, suburban housewives but they can dole out cruel revenge. They will strip you down and spank and paddle you until you are screaming and begging for mercy. If you really piss them off they will get the cane out. Now, how about that coffee?

Release Year: 2008
Genre: Fetish Movie, Caning, Corporal punishment, Lezdom, Lesbian domination, Paddling, Pain, Torture, Spanking
Starring: Kordelia Devonshire, Miss Ann, Mistress D, Mistress O

Country: USA
Director: Jimmy Broadway
Maker: Severe Sex / Wasteland

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:48:00
Video Quality: 480x360
File Size: 454 MB

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