Darian Caine - Daughters Of Darkness

12 Apr 2023
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Darian Caine - Daughters Of Darkness

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It's late at night and goth club girl Katie Jordan has company. Abducted by night stalkers Darian Caine and A.J. Khan she becomes the unwilling victim of their painful perversions. Stripped of her clothes, she's locked in a cage, spanked until crimson colored and whipped mercilessly. The nightmare continues as she is strapped to a cross, muzzled, beaten and gagged with a huge dildo. Her vulnerable naked body is subjected to a hot wax treatment and then, still not satisfied, her captors strap her face down on an examination table and violently invade her womanhood again and again. As their fiendish finale, these demonic Daughters of Darkness make the poor girl their feast of the evening. Fresh young flesh has never tasted better!