Nightmare On Elmos Street [Bill Zebub Productions] Erin Brown

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In a bizarre parallel universe where humans peacefully coexist with puppets, beautiful Erin finds herself falling for the wrong girl: her luscious roommate, Lydia. Already in a steady relationship with a handsome puppet, Lydia has only eyes for her passionate lover; however, Erin is hell-bent on making her love her. Now, Barbara, a strange doll in human form, enters the picture, and just like that, the feigned facade of the harmonious human/puppet coexistence starts falling to pieces, as hideous acts of depravity take place. What's it like to live in an endless nightmare and a world of prejudice?

Release Year: 2015
Genre: Gore Movie, Thriller porn, Horror porn, Mistery, Redhead, Tattooed girl
Starring: Scarlett Storm, Erin Brown, Lydia Lael, Rachel Crow, Vanna Blondelle

Country: USA
Director: Bill Zebub
Maker: Bill Zebub Productions

File Info:
File Type: MKV
Duration: 02:04:21
Video: AVC, 704x480, 23.976 FPS, 2359 kb/s
Audio: AC-3 , 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 192 kb/s
File Size: 2.22 GB
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