Night Fire - Shannon Tweed - Miklen Entertainment

30 Jul 2021
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Lydia and Barry are unhappily married. They live on a very expensive, but remote ranch. She is a powerful businesswoman yet neglectful wife. Poor Barry turns to kinky sex to combat her frigidity. A swinging couple, Gwen and Cal suddenly appears at the door claiming their car broke down. They were really hired by Barry to warm up his wife. Plenty of fondling ensues, but Lydia remains unmoved. Barry starts getting uglier.

Release Year: 1994
Genre: Gore Movie, Thriller porn, Drama
Starring: Shannon Tweed, Rochelle Swanson, Alma Beltran

Country: USA
Director: Mike Sedan
Maker: Miklen Entertainment, Triboro Entertainment

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File Type: AVI
Duration: 01:33:36
Video Quality: 640x480
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