Sotto Il Vestito Niente - Renee Simonsen - Faso Film

18 Aug 2021
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A serial killer roams the city of Milan, Italy, using scissors to assassinate and kill top-models. A park ranger from USA arrives in the city to protect his sister, but realizes that she has vanished. He starts searching for her, meeting with a lot of people and getting to know the (sometimes dangerous) world of international jet-set. But soon the killer will search for him too...

Release Year: 1985
Genre: Gore Movie, Thriller porn, Drama, Mystery, Murder
Starring: Renee Simonsen, Nicola Perring, Maria McDonald, Catherine Noyes

Country: Italy
Director: Carlo Vanzina
Maker: Faso Film

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File Type: MP4
Duration: 01:34:06
Video Quality: 1920x1080
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