Victoria Vixen - Future Shock

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Victoria Vixen - Future Shock

Want movie Future Shock featuring Victoria Vixen

The year is 1999, and American's prohibition continues to keep the black market profits high for traffickers, spawning the development of new, domestically produced synthetic illegal substances, such as erotix; a powerful psycho-hypnotic sex formula which has become the height of fashion, but only to those who can afford its high price. But when three beautiful prostitutes rip off a valuable vile of Erotix from Jake, a vicious street thug, they soon learn no amount of money or sexual pleasure can make up for the terrible experience they will endure at his cruel hands. Can Jake and his vicious hatchet man Owen Finch extract information from these pretty girls in order to find the missing vile? As each girl is put thru all sorts of punishment, each does crack and gasp a name of another who is in turn punished to find the missing vile. Finally Jake finds Diedre, who has the missing vile. As Jake's fury reaches its zenith... How will Jake repay Diedre for her treachery? Find out when you see the shocking conclusion of Future Shock!

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