Give Her What She Wants - Katie Kush - Psycho Thrillers Films

Give Her What She Wants - Katie Kush - Psycho Thrillers Films

A merciless woman holds two men prisoner and erotically tortures them for information, then kills both.
Dominant woman kills two men scenario. Blonde woman in ponytail, wearing glasses. Smoking in long holder. Two men on their knees, hands bound behind their backs. Woman demands information. To show she means business, she shoots one man in the shoulder. While he writhes in pain, second man is freed to use laptop. He frantically looks for what she wants. She continues to torture first man. Pushing him against the bed she shoots his other shoulder. She taunts him, pushes him around, blows smoke in his face. Raising her dress she makes him lick her pussy. He pleases her with cunnilingus.

Keywords: Thriller porn, Horror porn, Bloody Horror, Bloody Spoof, Forced sex, Rape, Violence, Murder, Femdom, Glasses, Extreme porn, Snuff fantasy
Starring: Katie Kush
Maker: Psycho Thrillers Films

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:15:53
Video Quality: 1920x1080
File Size: 828 MB

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