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Vienna Rose - Conspiracy - Psycho Thrillers Films

A man is having an affair with his wife's sister, and the two conspire to murder her. 2 Girls, 1 Guy A man is fucking a beautiful blonde in bed It is his wife's sister, they are having an intense sexual affair After sex, she tells him to divorce her sister He refuses – she is also his boss, and the source of his money She proposes another solution: murder her, and inherit the money This idea he likes! They fuck some more to celebrate the plan. The next day, the killer couple wait for the sister to come home She enters, wearing office attire (white blouse, black skirt, heels) The husband hugs her, and the two blonde sisters also hug The sister says they have a surprise for her, and lead her to the bedroom Once there, the wife sits in a chair and closes her eyes While she waits for her surprise, the sister moves behind her

Keywords: Thriller porn, Horror porn, Asphyxia fetish, Violence, Strangle, Murder, Lezdom, Lesbian domination, Extreme porn, Snuff fantasy
Starring: Kate Kennedy, Vienna Rose
Maker: Psycho Thrillers Films

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:19:29
Video Quality: 854x480
File Size: 280 MB
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