Ashlynne - Cheat and die #2

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Ashlynne - Cheat and die #2

Want clip Cheat and die #2 featuring Ashlynne

He demands access to her phone. Once Ashlynne finally gives her lover access, he doesn't like what he sees on there. With two hands now, he chokes Ashlynne harder than ever. Her eyes lose focus and her mouth hangs agape as her throat is slowly crushed. She's bound and completely defenseless. Her enraged lover clamps down even harder now. Ashlynne's tongue sticks out grotesquely and her whole body spasms. Her murderous boyfriend's cock and balls rests on Ashlynne's gyrating belly and takes her death throes for a ride. Once he cools down a bit, her killer boyfriend returns and has a little fun with Ashlynne's body. He wants to say good-bye while she's still warm. He slides off the bound corpse's panties and spreads her legs. Ashlynne's necro twat is snug and warm. He pounds away at her missionary style, her high heel clad feet in the air. Ashlynne's eyes dead eyes stare blankly as the man she once loved squeezes her unfeeling tits hard.

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