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Welcome to a tropical paradise where you can lei'd in more ways than one! With the beauties of oriental Hawaii on the prowl, volcanic eruptions of sexual passion will keep you in a sweat! Mildred and Bob Walker (Jesie St. James and John Leslie) decided to make ends meet by renting a room to promiscuous college students Mai Lin and Jade Wong. It isn't long before this totally uninhibited duo turns the walker's home into a frantic hothouse of pleasure. Mai and Jade's action soon have the entire family ignited. The lusty daughters (Rhonda Jo Petty and Danielle,) their brawny brothers, and finally mom and dad, no one in the tropical paradise can escape their torrid tidal wave of sensuality.

Release Year: 1982
Genre: Incest Movie, Family sex, Incest, Extreme porn, Asian, Double penetration, Facial, Lesbian, Outdoors sex
Starring: Danielle, Jade Wong, Jesie St James, Shirly Duke, Mai Lin, Rhonda Jo Petty

Country: USA
Director: Carlos Tobalina
Maker: Caballero Home Video

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 01:20:36
Video Quality: 720x480
File Size: 1.38 GB

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