Corinna Blake - A mothers work is never done

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Corinna Blake - A mothers work is never done

Want clip A mothers work is never done featuring Corinna Blake

They say a mother's work is never done and I guess that goes for stepmothers too lol! Beautiful Corinna came to find her lazy-ass stepson who was playing video games... he said he had a nice enough body to impress chicks without having a job and she put that to the test here! From sucking his big cock (way bigger than his dad's apparently) to spreading her legs to get that tight pussy and even tighter ass fucked (that's right, Corinna Blake loves a nice hard anal sex session) to taking a huge cum facial all over her tongue this chick is getting absolutely drilled. Looks like home life is about to be a lot more fun, and I get the feeling she won't mind too much if he never gets a job and is around all the time!

Corinna Blake
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