Step Family Wife Swap by Cory Chase

25 Aug 2023
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Stuck Swap
Cory Chase is wearing a royal blue skirt and Lory Lace is wearing a white skirt, as they both stick their heads underneath the bed. Then, they call out their husbands' names 'Kyle! Luke! Come help us!' Their skirts slide up, revealing their g-strings and their asses in their air. Luke Longly and Kyle Star come running into the room to help them. Cory suggests that Kyle help her get unstuck, and Luke helps Lory get unstuck. Luke starts to fuck Lory next to Kyle who is simultaneously fucking Cory. They continue to fuck the MILF's, trying to get them unstuck! Cory suggests that the men switch back and Luke starts to fuck Cory's pussy this time. Luke goes band forth between fucking both of the MILF's, but they heads are still completely under the bed. With their asses still up in the air, Luke starts to fuck their asses back and forth. Luke and Kyle both fuck the MILF's asses now while they're still stuck under the bed.