Aunt secret hookup: Cousin's arousal ignites passion in the night

02 Jan 2024
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In the stillness of the night, Jasmine Jae finds herself unable to sleep due to her uncle's deafening snore. Stealthily making her way to her cousin's bedroom, she requests to share his bed, unaware that he is unaware of her sleeping habit of going commando. The sight of her naked form ignites a fiery desire within him, and he can't help but become instantly aroused. Jasmine senses his arousal and takes advantage, eagerly engulfing his erect cock with her mouth. Her insatiable hunger for pleasure leads her to ride him until he erupts twice, all while attempting to remain silent and avoid waking anyone else up. As the sun begins to rise, Jasmine drains every last drop from his cock, knowing that this is only the beginning of their steamy encounters.