Sister's Breeding Request: Accidental Sperm Loss Leads to Desperate Measures

02 Jan 2024
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Your sister's, Olive Wood, Impregnation fantasy has reached a climax as she begs you to fulfill your promise and help her start a family. With her 30th birthday fast approaching and no suitor in sight, she turns to you, her trusted sibling, for assistance. Eagerly anticipating the moment, she prepares herself for the act, but her excitement gets the best of her and she accidentally squirts your precious semen all over her face. Mortified and desperate for more, she pleads with you to produce another sample. Though you grant her a few moments of privacy in the bathroom, her impatience gets the better of her and she bursts in, offering to lend a hand. Despite your initial reluctance, you eventually give in and allow her to use her hands and mouth to help you ejaculate. However, it's not enough. In a last-ditch effort to fulfill her fantasy, she suggests an old-fashioned breeding. How can you resist? Your sister's Impregnation fantasy has reached its peak, and it's up to you to make it a reality.