Step Mom seduces stepson into exploring her derriere

07 Jan 2024
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Cory Chase, clad in alluring purple lingerie, beckons her stepson Parker to join her on the bed. With a seductive grin, she reveals that he's yet to explore one of her most coveted assets - her luscious derriere. As Parker sits beside her, Cory's fingers deftly stroke his erection while she smothers his face in her ample bosom. With a wicked glint in her eye, she spreads her ass wide and invites him to delve into the forbidden depths. Parker initially penetrates Cory's pussy, but his true target lies elsewhere. Cory flips onto her back and Parker eagerly plunges into her tight backdoor. She climbs atop him and rides his cock with both her pussy and ass, before settling back into the missionary position. Parker continues to pound Cory's pussy until he reaches the brink of ecstasy, at which point he pulls out and ejaculates into her waiting mouth. A few droplets even land on Cory's glasses, leaving her with a tantalizing souvenir of their steamy encounter.