Momma's Fateful Goodbye: A Taboo Pregnancy Fantasy

01 Mar 2024
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Unravel the tantalizing tale of a mischievous college-bound son and his swoon-worthy Momma, Malorie Switch. As college looms closer, Momma can't resist one last, steamy tryst with her son, who's clearly caught her eye with his impressive stature and bulging boner. A tale ofX-rated desire, college-induced anxiety, and a Momma's carnal cravings, our pulpy narrative will keep you on the edge of your seat as Momma Switch seeks comfort, connection, and a tantalizing baby present from her son before they part ways for the college life. Embrace this feverish fantasy world of taboo longing, where trying to impress can give way to family get-togethers at a level beyond fake smiles and awkward small talk. Are you ready to drown your heart into a sea of incestuous indulgence and make your momma proud by impregnating her with your college-sized payload? Grab her primed pussy and make her bellow with your final graduation present before you embark on your new college adventure!