LP Bonus Movie Pack #1 - Ivana Irglova - RGE-Films

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LP Bonus Movie Pack #1 - Ivana Irglova - RGE-Films

We choose 10 movies which did not have any bonuses even on DVD versions. We carefully chose one spanking scene from every movie to cover a complete spectrum of scenes and actions of Lupus Pictures movies. We offer you next 10 unedited scenes with remastered sound from both cameras, so you will see each scene two times: the first time from camera one and then the same scene from camera two.

You will be able to see moments not available in previous versions from these 10 movies:

LP-012: The Cheap Trick
LP-014: The Settlement
LP-019: The Soul of Honour
LP-024: From the Headmaster's Study: Crime and Punishment
LP-026: The Last Case of Dr. Freud
LP-029: Two Faces of Truth
LP-030: The Great Role
LP-044: Tales of the Sin District: Close Encounters
LP-045: Hidden Camera 2: The Client
LP-047: The Butcher's Daughter

Release Year: 2009
Genre: BDSM, Extreme porn, Slavegirl, Slave Training, Maledom, Helpless Woman, Bloody torture, Tears, Corporal punishment, Bloody Spanking, Maledom Spanking, Pain
Starring: Ivana Irglova, Jana Misickova, Kristina Dvorakova, Michaela Trmotova, Nicol Nova, Nikola Novakova

Country: Czech Republic
Director: Zbysek Podhajsky
Maker: RGE-Films / Lupus Pictures

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 01:42:48
Video Quality: 720x576
File Size: 1.61 GB

Download_LP Bonus Movie Pack 1.mp4_from_fetishmania.org

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