Juliette - In His Holy Hands

08 Feb 2023
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Juliette - In His Holy Hands

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A girl is laying on the floor. She is tied up, cleavegaged, and half fainted. Then she hears footsteps coming. She turns her head to see who is coming. A bishop stands beside her. He lifts her up and carries her to a table. There she gets tied in a very uncomfortable position, her hands tied to her hair and she's got spreader bars between her legs. Then the bishop touches her and starts to undress himself. Then he turns back to the girl laying tied up on the table. He rips her panties and bra. He gets horny and rubs his cock, then he fingers her pussy. Finally he takes a whip from the wall and starts to whip the girl mercilessly. She cries and screams into her gag. After stopping the whipping, the bishop can't wait any longer. He takes off the girl's gag and rubs his cock on her face. Then he pushes it into her mouth. The girl gags as the man rams his cock deep down her throat, but with her hands tied to her hair and firmly bound to the table she has no chance to escape. The bishop spurts his cum right to the girl's face, and as a servant of god he has a lot of cum. After this, the girl must lick his cock clean. Is this the end of her nightmare?