Olivia - One Bar Prison - MetalBondage

Olivia - One Bar Prison - MetalBondage

Cute 18 year old Olivia has never seen a One Bar Prison before. I ask her to step inside the cell to take a closer look. She is intrigued but very shy. Olivia doesn't seem to have any idea what this device is or how it works. I asked her to wear high heels, that's all she knows. Moments later she finds out why it is called a One Bar Prison. There is no escape from this device if you're wearing high heels. Impaled and helpless, Olivia will have to spend some time in the prison cell. I don't even have to lock the door, she won't be able to move anyway!

Keywords: BDSM, Maledom, Slavegirl, Slave Training, Cage, Metal bondage, Redhead, Teen
Starring: Olivia
Maker: MetalBondage

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:07:02
Video Quality: 1920x1080
File Size: 1.00 GB

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