Lavender Rayne - Stuck In Between - InfernalRestraints

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Lavender Rayne - Stuck In Between - InfernalRestraints

"Tell me you want me to hurt you," PD said, and Lavender obediently complied. "Please hurt my tits. I am an unworthy slut." It's true. She has nothing to offer him except her holes and her tears. Her tits are too nice not to fuck with. They swell from being in a vise, instantly becoming even more sensitive. Her nipples respond wonderfully to the pump, too. Just because her tits are a focus does not mean the rest of Lavender is safe, though. Her holes are just too inviting to pass on. Her soft skin needs the marks of a good whipping. Her entire body needs to be flooded with the endorphins only a good cum can produce. And PD is more than ready to give her all of that, everything she wants, and more.

Keywords: BDSM, Maledom, Slavegirl, Slave Training, Caning, Corporal punishment, Forced blowjob, Metal bondage, Pain, Torture, Pumped tits, Vacuum pump
Starring: Lavender Rayne
Maker: InfernalRestraints

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 01:01:11
Video Quality: 1280x720
File Size: 689 MB

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