Dog - Nailed and milked

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Dog - Nailed and milked

Want clip Nailed and milked featuring Dog

Dog has been a nursing bitch for a long time, so why not nail her udders and then milk them? And that is exactly what happened, along the way the cunt’s tits were also punished just to remind her that there can always be more agony, especially in HELL! The whore knelt in the dungeon, she was chained, of course, and then her pain-bags were nailed to a board – with very large nails. After that the milking machine started its work. The moans and noises coming from this bitch were just wonderful, she truly suffered. This was part of a planned event to destroy her tits so she had to stop nursing – exactly how something like that should happen. Dog, in HELL!, Nailed and Milked for your enjoyment.

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