The cord is pulled tightly on her neck by Elise Graves

11 Jul 2023
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The cord is pulled tightly on her neck by Elise Graves

It might not be apparent upon first glance, however Elise is in quite the predicament. With her arms raised above her head, her wrists are tied through a hard point, down to her neck. As she relaxes her arms, the cord is pulled tightly on each side of her neck, causing her face to turn red, purple and blue. This might be a bit easier to manage, except for the fact that Elise is sitting on a Sybian, the world’s most powerful vibrator. The strong vibrations cause Elise to contract her body, pulling her arms close, which chokes her more and more. If only Elise could raise herself up off the vibrator to find some relief from the vibration and choking, however her nipples are clamped and secured below. Wearing only a garter belt, stockings, and a pulled-aside bra, Elise writhes in both agony and ecstasy, with her face changing color and sweat accumulating as time vibrates on. Know that this is Elise’s happy place.