She licking the airport toilet and was beaten by Chienne

09 Sep 2023
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This may be the lowest piece of shit cuntwhore who has ever graced the depths of HELL!. That is a bold statement, but let us explore the evidence. Before even coming to HELL!, while flying on a plane, the cunt waited until late in the flight, after the lavatory had been used by most of the people on the plane, she entered and began licking the toilet. She would have l kicked the even filthier floor, but the bathroom was too small to kneel down. The whore shot video of it all. Then she did the same thing on a second plane later that evening. She traveled to HELL! wearing practically nothing. No one seeing her would think she was anything but a prostitute. It was clear she had nothing on under her outer clothes, which were thin and incredibly revealing. The word slut does not begin to cover it.