Elise Graves from Suspending my ankles and shoulders up in the air

21 Sep 2023
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Who has been doing their yoga? Not me! Thankfully Utmost Restraint is fully capable of encouraging me to explore the depth of my back bend with just a bit of rope, a cane and a generally good time. After suspending my ankles and shoulders up in the air, he makes quick work of my nipples with some mouse trap nipple clamps. I am having some difficulty settling into this bend, but ultimately I find my happy place. When Utmost brings out the cane, I knew I was in for a treat, as nothing makes a booty juicier than to bend it backwards and cane it! With an exchange of mouse traps for clover clamps, I am more challenged in this situation. It wasn't until Utmost removed those nasty clamps that some tears followed. Receiving the Eroscillator on my clit was extremely welcomed to distract me from some of the suffering and thankfully Utmost made sure to get some pretty up close video of my pussy being Eroscillated! Guess I won't be needing to do yoga for a while after all - I am spent!