Escape and Recapture: her Fight for Freedom

26 Oct 2023
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Fetish Star:
Serene Isley
Maledom Scenes
Serene Isley is dressed in all black, wearing a pair of pants and a tank top that accentuates her slender figure. She is tied up and gagged, her hands and feet bound and a cloth gag stuffed in her mouth, muffling any sounds she might make. In another room, her captors discuss what to do with her, unaware that she has already escaped and is lurking nearby. But Serene is caught again, this time stashed in a bedroom with even more restrictive bindings. Duct tape and microfoam tape are wrapped around her head, effectively silencing her cries for help. She struggles furiously to free herself and remove the gag from her mouth, but her captors are determined to keep her silent.