Her Vices: Preacher Forces Smokes Down Nostrils, Vibrates Her Against Will

08 Jan 2024
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Mallory Maneater's torment continues as the fanatical preacher intensifies his efforts to reform her. Determined to eradicate her vices, he now targets her smoking habit in a bizarre manner. Bound to a pole with her breasts exposed and her panties removed, Mallory's mouth is sealed with multiple layers of micro foam tape, branded with the word "whore." The preacher forces cigarettes into her nostrils, rendering her airtight gag. As she desperately tries to breathe through the smoldering cigarettes, tears stream down her face. The preacher's cruelty doesn't end there. Knowing of Mallory's past in pornography, he believes that she needs excessive orgasm therapy to teach her that her pleasure belongs to men and not herself. The vibrator is switched on, and Mallory is left helplessly strapped and alone as the device mercilessly vibes her sensitive pussy, forcing her to experience orgasm after orgasm against her will. The preacher shows no mercy as he leaves the quivering, moaning girl at his mercy, still vibrating and trapped in darkness.