[Nettles Corp] Russian Slaves #6 - Discipline Of Girls In Russian Families [Luba]

[Nettles Corp] Russian Slaves #6 - Discipline Of Girls In Russian Families [Luba]

For those into corporal punishment, domestic discipline and family role-playing, this is the one to dial up. The two sisters decide to play some tongue tennis with each other and eventually end up rolling around nude on the floor. Very hot, barely legal lezzie action here.

However, in repressed and draconian societies, like the Iron Curtain, whether its up or down, certain behaviors are still taboo and playing tonsil hockey happens to be one of them. The girls are on fire. Voyeurs will like this opening scene too, until it gets interrupted.

The blonde has a nice, white panty girdle on, a nice retro flashback for sure. Caught with their mouths in each other's cookie jar, father enters and the girls dress hurriedly and he is ever pissed.

Now, the third sister enters and she has homework problems. And chores. Well, the only way to sort this all out is to blister them all and mom leads us off. A hot, soft-butch lady with wire-rims, very much the part.

Stripped and shamed, blonde hair, brunette gash, over mom's knee she goes for some bare hand correction and scolding. She must apologize to each after each slap, promising to be chaste and pure.

This is a super clip/scene for F/F spanking, just as the lezzie action above fits in its categories. Talking through the sobs now as mom increases the intensity. Corner time. Luba is going to take 36 whistles from the cane or belt or both, this is not looking good. Dad's turn.

Up on the desk, pooper in the air and away we go. She must also proclaim her promise of future purity. Time for the next bitch to go fetch the birch. She is whimpering already. White panties down to the knees, over the chair she goes and this rod is the size of a three wood.

Bastinado, to the feet, but that is just a warm-up. Nice, tight ass being marked with the crayon of correction. These are positions you don't want to get into.

Release Year: 2002
Genre: Spanking Movie, Caning, Corporal Punishment, Incest Spanking, Maledom Spanking, Spanking m/f
Starring: Luba

Country: Russia
Director: ?
Maker: Nettles Corp

File Info:
File Type: AVI
Duration: 00:36:00
Video: MPEG-4 Visual (DivX 5), 640x480, 23.976 FPS, 830 kb/s
Audio: MP3, 44.1 kHz, 1 channel, 224 kb/s
File Size: 274 MB

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