Indica Monroe - Thot Pocket

24 Dec 2021
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Indica Monroe - Thot Pocket

Want clip [E62] Thot Pocket featuring Indica Monroe

Bitch got a donkey booty, for real for real. Me and Richard couldn't believe when she walked in, talm'bout "Oh I love black dick, it's my favorite...". But this hoe wasn't lyin' at all. The way she just attacked Richard and got to boppin' on that dick immediately! We knew right away, this thot pocket was on one. She even stuck her whole face in my crotch while I was taping. Oh yeah, she loves black dick alright. Cot DAMN! Oh and she took the nut on her face like a true champion. She wanted more. After the camera cut off and we was packin' up our shit, she got what she wanted.