Mina - Breakfast Of Shit And Vomit - FetishMania

Mina - Breakfast Of Shit And Vomit - FetishMania

This morning i want to eat all my dirty things. In this first part i shit into my plate and just eat my lovely shit on my bread and drink my coffe, vomiting a bit into my coffee and finish everything.

After having eating all, and drink my cofee, i start smearing my shit on me, and after i fell to shit a bit more, so i shit and eat all, and you know that i love to eat, so i take a cup of wine and vomit my delicious shit breakfast... and... eat all my delicious vomit of shit with my nots on the top!!!! it's an amazing delicious breakfast!

Keywords: Solo Vomit, Vomiting, Puke, Solo Scat, Faceshitting, Shit eating, Extreme porn
Starring: Mina

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Duration: 00:27:40
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