Fuck my throat with fingers and make myself vomit by MyPetiteAss

20 Aug 2023
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This mini compilation include 2 vomit scene and 1 poop. Before I take my morning shower thought would be a good idea fuck my throat with fingers and make myself vomit. I did it and feel better so I just keep excite my throat until I can vomit out more and more fluids even some diet coke. After shower I made the decision to give a try for another puke round and I slide my hands deep down on throat, this time came out more mucus saliva and some of watery fluids then first time. In both of scene I spit a lot of saliva out and a bit playing with. In the third scene I felt need to shit after vomiting so sit on the toilet and nice voyeur style to my ass release some of cute stinky turd. Wipe my dirty ass and ready to start my day?