Adrianna Chechik - Real estate agent seals the deal

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Adrianna Chechik - Real estate agent seals the deal

Want clip Real estate agent seals the deal featuring Adrianna Chechik

Adriana is selling a house that just cant get sold. The house is decrepit and old as well as overpriced. She does her best to try to get the house sold but this loser is not budging. She notices something this loser client keeps staring at her perfect pantyhose feet. Adriana invites the loser in to talk some numbers. She pulls off his pants and sees his cock is rock hard. She knows he is nothing more then a foot loser and can get this house sold with her feet alone. She wraps her perfect nylon soles around his cock and begins to give him a foot. Resistance is futile She is gorgeous and has a set of matching gorgeous feet. She seductively strokes his cock and demands he blow his load on her nylon soles. There is a stipulation he must but this house an order to let lose his load on her pantyhose feet. The loser client cannot take it anymore he shoots his load all over her nylon clad feet. Adriana shows off her the cum drenched feet and lets him know its time to sign the paperwork.

Adrianna Chechik
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