Sniff those dirty white socks by Lindsey Leigh

12 Aug 2023
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Sniff those dirty white socks of Mine, go on now. Press your face right against them and take a big sniff as your cock throbs. you didn't know how much you needed this, but you realize it as My socks are pressed against your face. This, this is heaven. Doesn't it make you feel pathetic? That most men are out there getting laid and to you, this is better than sex. This IS sex for someone like you. An addicted sock boy that just can't help but get fucked up for My dirty white socks. The way they peak out as I bend over, the way they tease you as they dance right before you. you need another sniff. Even I bring My face to My socks and sniff, taunting you with what they smell like. you find yourself begging for more as you leak at the thought.