Break the Boundaries of Ecstasy with her Pantyhose Feet

20 Nov 2023
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In the divine presence of Goddess Kim, the subject is ordered to inhale deeply the scent of her sweaty, pantyhose-clad feet, while being stimulated and trained to focus only on the divine feet. As the subject is tied up at the end of her feet, Goddess Kim uses a special milking device to pump her property mercilessly, pushing the subject to the edge of ecstasy. Over and over again, the subject is edged until she takes in the divine scent of Goddess Kim's pantyhose feet as deep as she desires. As the subject's balls ache and leak, she sniffs so hard that she almost tastes the divine scent of Goddess Kim's feet. Eventually, the subject is pushed to a merciless, ruined release at Goddess Kim's powerful pantyhose feet, as she drip and oozes all the cum that Goddess Kim has built up in her.