Worship Radiant Boots: Sacred Kissing Ritual Revealed

12 Jan 2024
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The dazzling new boots of the divine Goddess Kim are a sacred object to be adored and revered on her flawless feet. They deserve a sacrifice, as her captive slave bows before her throne and repeats its devotion. With each plea, it begs for the privilege of kissing her iridescent holographic boots, which she grants with delight. Not only does she allow it to kiss her boots, but she also commands it to lick them thoroughly while stroking her property. The slave is left on the edge of ecstasy, and the Goddess finds great amusement in its pathetic edging. She makes it bark and beg to hump her boots, transforming it into a horny, humping boot dogg. With slaps from her crop, she allows it to feel her boots press against its back as it kneels on all fours beneath her. The slave's ultimate position is beneath her boots on the floor, where it licks them spotless and feels the complete power of the Goddess over it. This ritual is a renewal and sacrifice of pleasure, solely for the Goddess's enjoyment.