She challenges freaky foot boy to do as she says, or ruin orgasm

28 Nov 2023
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Sarah DiAvola is challenging the person she is talking to, asking if they are a "freaky foot boy" who just "gooning and zombie-jerking" to feet, all day every day. She describes the person's feet as having arches "higher than their house" and "little toes that spread soooo wide," which she claims is making her want to watch their head explode. Sarah then goes on to say that she is going to make the person so insane for her feet that they are "drooling and wanking and hand humping," and desperate between each and every stroke. She then says that she is going to prove how pathetic the person is by making them ruin their orgasm at the end. Sarah claims that she made the person "BEG" her to lick and worship her feet and toes while they masturbate, and that every moment is a form of begging. She also says that the person will do whatever she says, up until the very end. Finally, Sarah says that the person got what they wanted by being allowed to lick and worship her feet and toes, but now she wants them to ruin their orgasm for her.