Worship pantyhose feet after a night out by Roxie Rae

08 Sep 2023
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ROXIE RAE and LYLAH RYDER are BLONDES that party and dance hard when they go out! It's now the early morning hours and ROXIE and LYLAH had a great night out and are finally on the couch at ROXIE'S relaxing, still in their DRESSES and PANTYHOSE from the wild night before. ROXIE of course has LYLAH'S FEET in her lap and picks them up SNIFFING between LYLAH'S TOES and the dip in her SOLES through the NYLONS. ROXIE has a FOOT FETISH for real and LYLAH though tit was only for camera. ROXIE starts to taste LYLAH'S FEET, SMELLING them then LICKING them making sure to cover every inch of LYLAH'S SOLES and TOES with her TONGUE. ROXIE loves the taste of FEET through PANTYHOSE how the SWEAT soaks in and tells LYLAH as she WORSHIPS how sexy it is. LYLAH starts to go from surprised to liking the FOOT WORSHIP. ROXIE LICKS making her and LYLAH WET in their HOSE and WET all over LYLAH'S SOLES and TOES. LYLAH rubs on ROXIE'S PANTYHOSE LEGS and FEET while ROXIE gives her sexy and SPITTY FOOT WORSHIP, before they decide to take their play time to the bedroom.