Eager Pup Gags on Mistress's Boots, Honored to Serve as Licker

12 Jan 2024
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In this scene, the submissive canine eagerly awaits its mistress's command, knowing that the luckiest dog on her leash will soon be locked up outside to serve as a boot and heel licking object for both the goddess and her girlfriends. But before confinement, the pooch must demonstrate its ability to deeply suck on the Goddess Kim's long, pointy patent boots, causing it to gag as she fucks its object mouth and captures the moment on camera. The dog is honored to be humiliated for her amusement, worshipping her divine boots with desperate desire and lustfully licking every inch. Encouraged by the hard smacks of her crop, the pup cannot help but get hard and horny, humping her boots as she laughs at its behavior. The mistress orders it to get beneath her, where it belongs as nothing but a boot fucking dogg for her entertainment. As it helplessly squirts all over her boot, completely ruined, she finds immense pleasure in watching. The pup is then instructed to clean up its mess with its tongue from both the crop and boot before being locked up in its cage to be used again.