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Zoey Foxx - Package Delivered - Peachy Keen Films

She was getting ready to leave to go to a party. I was a long day at the office. She touched up her make up, found a run in her stockings and put on a new pair. Then her boss called and wanted her to run an errand on her way home. Deliver a package. She arrived at the strangers house with the package. A note on the door invited her in. She set the briefcase down and was confronted by a naked man. He robbed himself and looked through the contents of the briefcase. But as she was leaving-her job done, he attacked her. He tried to molest her, but she managed to get away. It was when she went back for her purse that he caught and subdued her.

Keywords: Thriller porn, Horror porn, Asphyxia fetish, Forced blowjob, Forced sex, Rape, Violence, Strangle, Murder, Ballgagged, Extreme porn, Snuff fantasy
Starring: Zoey Foxx
Maker: Peachy Keen Films

File Info:
File Type: MP4
Duration: 00:36:58
Video Quality: 1280x720
File Size: 867 MB

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